Estelle and Finn Black Jacket 5501

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Estelle and Finn is a women’s contemporary clothing company, designed and proudly made in New York City. Emerging into the fashion industry in 2012 with a single ankle pant, Estelle and Finn rapidly evolved into a successful collection. The line is comfortable and all about the perfect fit, offering a vast array of styles in exclusive fabrics. Jackets, coats, dresses, skirts and tops are all effortlessly layered and styled with the signature pant. Estelle and Finn’s design and production teams derive their inspiration from a real woman. She knows who she is and exactly what she wants, refusing to compromise on sophistication and ease while still exuding confidence wherever she goes.

Made in New York

A timeless piece that brings a chic yet effortless look. This summer to Fall style blazer:
1- Single-breasted, fitted waist, front pockets, classic tailored collar and long sleeves to roll up for a more relaxed fit.

It pairs well with many looks; for example, t-shirt and jeans for an informal style, or even a light blouse and our “loose straight cropped pants”. 
Without lining.

Lining: 84%Polyamide, 16%Spandex

Dry cleaning, cool iron